Common Topics

Sensuality & Orgasm

The pleasure of physical touch and orgasm is one of the great joys of sex. Though our sense of touch is omnipresent and completely natural, so many people struggle to find the path to peak sexual fulfillment. Training our mind to pay attention to the messages our body is sending can be improved with practice. Once you are in tune with your body’s response to different sensations, you can pick and choose from a whole menu of touch and play to reach your sexual peak.

Fantasy & Eroticism

Our mind is the most powerful sex organ in our whole body and is an amazing place to start any sexual exploration. The fantasies that flow through our mind in our most private moments can be confusing. Some of us are so blocked off from our deepest fantasies that pinpointing our erotic desires can feel impossible. The privacy and safety of fantasy means we can explore completely uninhibited before taking action in our life.

Partner Communication

Sexuality is something we carry with us every day of our life. Between those days, many of us will share our sexual selves with other people. Bringing together different sexual identities is a skill and needs to be practiced. We are not born mind-readers and if we’re going to create a fulfilling and playful sexual experience with another person, we need the tools to clearly communicate our desires as well as the skills to listen and understand our partner.

Body Image

If you find that your perception of your own body is getting in the way of experiencing pleasure then it is time to get to work. The good news is that you are the only one standing in your way and it is possible to love yourself. Practicing kindness, interrupting the voice in your head, and experience sexual pleasure exactly as you are is all within reach.

Being a Sexuality Role Model & Resource

While the world is full of information about sex and relationships, it can be hard to decide what is most appropriate for our children or students. We want to give information that is accurate without shaming while being age-appropriate and honest. Not to mention, many adults lack confidence in their own understanding of sexuality and healthy practices. No matter what age your child is, it’s never too early or too late to talk about sexuality, gender, and healthy relationships - and they’ll be grateful that you did.


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