Sarah D’Andrea, M.Ed. Human Sexuality

All of us have dealt with misinformation about sexuality - I’ve been there too. Some of my biggest mistakes include using porn as education about sex, trying to change myself on the outside to have better sex, believing eroticism “just happens” and is out of my control, thinking that sexuality only exists in isolated moments with a partner. After studying communications I had the realization that most of my sex education came from media and was giving me a toxic and unfulfilling perception of sexuality. I dedicated myself to teaching people how to reject mass-media messaging and embrace their authentic sexuality.

In 2016 I completed my master’s in human sexuality from Widener University. I have lead workshops for the American Medical Student Association, guest-lectured for Sacred Heart School of Nursing, spoke at SexX Philadelphia, was a panel speaker at Cycles & Sex LA on “Busting Sex Taboos”, and have been on podcasts as a sex expert.

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