Sex Ed Evaluation

 Most of us learned about sex indirectly and sometimes we were misinformed. What’s important to remember is that no matter where you started on your journey, you can always rewrite your sexual script. The following is a list of ideal sexual learning experiences. How many are true for you?

Growing up...
❏ I learned all of the correct terms for body parts and genitals
❏ I was able to freely ask questions about sexuality and relationships
❏ I touched my genitals and explored my body
❏ The messages I received about sex were from people I trusted
❏ My gender and sexual identity were respected from those closest to me ❏ I saw examples of healthy relationships
❏ My parents were comfortable talking about sex

When I learned about sex...
❏ The information was helpful and accurate
❏ It was focused on pleasure, intimacy, and fun
❏ It was part of an ongoing conversation, not just one talk
❏ I learned about consent, both how to communicate and how to listen
❏ I learned about sensuality and experiencing pleasure through multiple senses ❏ I learned about orgasms and pleasure for my own body and other bodies
❏ I was curious but not afraid or embarrassed

When I have questions about sex...
❏ The internet is helpful and makes me feel better
❏ I talk to my friends who understand my experiences
❏ I go to my therapist who supports me
❏ I go to my spiritual community that provides safe and open space for me
❏ I consult a professional sex educator who provides resources, tools, and exercises

My sex life now is...
❏ Exactly how I want it to be ❏ Good for me and my partner ❏ Fun with just myself
❏ Playful and exciting
❏ Intimate and satisfying


0 - 8 checks
Welcome to the party! The majority of us fall into this category - a lack of healthy sex education when we’re young can lead to less-than-stellar sex lives as adults. The great news is that you can rewrite your sexual script and unlearn the negative lessons that are holding you back. What makes you feel the most stuck? Would it be how you learned about sex or general attitudes about sex that you learned? Does communicating with your partner feel impossible or have you never felt connected to your sexuality?

✓ 9 - 16 checks
You are off to a good start! Either you had a really phenomenal foundation for learning about sex or you’ve put in the work to make sex pleasurable and fun now. Looking at the boxes you didn’t check off, what are some ways you could create those missing pieces in your life? What does improving sex and communication look like for you?

✓ 17 - 24 checks
Wow! You are definitely among the rare few who had a lot of positive messages about sexuality while growing up and your sex life now is super hot. Do you feel like there is anything missing? Are you trying to reach another level of sexual fulfillment? I hope you’re out in the world sharing the positive sex education experience you had!

No matter how many boxes you checked off,
everyone deserves a safe, judgement-free place to talk about sex.
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